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3D Drafting Service is a drafting company primarily involved in providing blueprints (construction documents) for new residential construction in Southwest Florida and the surrounding areas. 3D Cad Drafting Service provides computer aided drafting services also known as CAD to homeowners, contractors and architects in the Southwest Florida. Cad drafting from a hand sketch, drawings, markups, descriptions or other types of CAD files.  We can draft & produce a set of accurate and precise blueprints (construction documents). A set of cad drafting blueprint drawings for construction consist of a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Dimension Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Foundation Details, Exterior Elevations, Typical Wall Sections, Building Sections, Door & Window Schedules & Construction Details. My design and drafting service is based upon listening to your ideas and needs that you may want in your new home. A good source for ideas are magazines, books, photos, the internet or from your own drawings and sketches. Once a concept or floor plan is achieved and ideas are chosen a 3D model is created of the plan with basic textures for review & a dimension floor will be also be drafted showing room sizes. Once approved, plans are drafted using Autodesk Revit 3D software to produce a complete set construction documents & basic renderings. By using 3D drafting software, potential conflicts in the structure are mostly eliminated. Construction methods are analyzed and ensured to conform to current Florida building codes. Prices for drafting services are $1.25 s/f under roof for 1 story plans, slightly more for 2 story plans.

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